Composite Canoe Builder

Savage River Work Inc. | Oakland, MD

Composite Canoe Builder

Savage River specializes in high-performance lightweight canoes, built out of aerospace materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar. You will be joining our team of composite canoe builders, to build handcrafted custom canoes.  

Pay is completive and based on experience and job performance, as well as quarterly bonuses and earned paid vacation time.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-      Making canoe parts

-      Sanding with power sanders as well as hand sanding

-      Helping layup canoes and infusing them with epoxy

-      Washing and waxing the finished products

-      Making sure the finished products meet our high standard of quality

-      Installing parts and outfitting into the canoes

-      Working with your hands and standing most of the day


-      High attention to detail (must be able to catch flaws and mistakes before the canoes are shipped to the customers)

-      Self-motivated as well as the ability to work with others

-      Ability to work with your hands (Prior work experience is heavily weighted)

-      Knowledge and ability to use and work with hand tools

-      Teachable (it takes around 2-3 months to learn the job)

-      Innovative and willing to change

Savage River Work Inc.

Address: 581 Clifton Drive, Oakland, MD 21550

To apply contact John: